Thursday, May 23, 2013

Power Glove. Just how we like it.

Here's what I listened to today - Power Glove's soundtrack to the video game 'Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon'. '80s style electro with extra awesomeness. Been a big fan of Power Glove for a whole week now - survivors! And my friend Richard tells me they live in Melbourne too, just like me.

If you like Lazerhawk, Futurecop, and co., you'll love this. They're heavy on the synth rock thing, with big melodic sweeps, mournful, swooning electric guitars, oodles of ironic cheesy goodness, '80s style. Think Robocop, guitar solos in abandoned skyscrapers on rainy nights, '80s sci fi, DeLoreans, pimps, leather and lightning bolts on tron grids.

A lot of it's quiet, being a game sound track, but their 'hit' is the second track, about two minutes in. It's all quite awesome as far I'm concerned though.

I can't wait to mash this up with some chuggy techno.

Friday, September 7, 2012

M83 - a galaxy of shoegazing beauty

I'm so hooked on M83 at the moment. Always a fan of shoegazer rock, I love these guys from France. I've bought their album "Hurry Up, We're Dreaming", which came out last year. Do you reckon M83 are named after the spectacular galaxy Messier 83?

I used their short track "Klaus I love You" as a sample in my DiscoTech(No!) set the other week, which you can download for free from any of the "Listen" links to the right.

And the galaxy M83: it's relatively close - you can see it with binoculars. It's another whole galaxy, just like our Milky Way is a galaxy. Each galaxy is billions of stars. Our sun is one star, somewhere near the edge of our Milky Way galaxy. And then there are billions of galaxies. Nice thought. Maybe we should get over our obsession with violence, judgementalism, and nasty gossip. Instead, one clear night, we could all stand together outside, listen to M83, and then all look up together at the same time. Soon.

M83 on Soundcloud

MisterMagpie writes entertainingly about our priorities for space, and whether we shouldn't sort out some of our shit before we party amidst the stars. Listening to Stereo Total would be a start, MisterMagpie reckons - MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Here's a mashup mix I did of techno and techno-like stuff. For the dreamers and wasters. Always driven by my take on fashion, and never happy with a single untouched genre, I used my beloved techno as a foundation. On this I balanced some twists of indie, italo, shoegaze and a dash of trance. It's a bit rough (I was a touch wasted myself), but I've been listening to it all week and I love it (phew)!

Listen to indie techno mix on Mixcrate
Listen on Mixcloud

Thank you to all the beautiful, brilliant people who made the tracks in the set - I love you.

Playette - Water Lilly
Dancing in the Dark - Mike Mareen
A1 Gebrunn Gebrunn (Alexander Kowalski Remix) - Paul Kalkbrenner
Can't Stop - Komakino
Alles Sehen - Ellen Allien
Future Girl (Vocal Mix) - The Fashion
Fucking Eat Your Face (Original Mix) - Xander Harris
Sunstroke - Trentemøller
Systemwide (Original Mix) - Christian Smith
Klaus I Love You - M83
Pulsations (Original Mix) - Brain Machine
Tatü-Tata - Paul Kalkbrenner
Volupte (Sferro Remix) - Joypopp
Magnit Express (Peder's fade to grey rework) - Chris Liebing & Speedy J
Silent Shout - The Knife
Before The Crash (Original Mix) - Gary Beck
Papillon - Editors
Car Accident (Klopfgeister Remix) - Infinity
Baptism - Crystal Castles


DJ Danny Noir

Friday, August 3, 2012

Lazerhawk, Dune, and David Lynch

How often do you get one of your favourite musicians, your favourite film director, and your favourite author all rolled in to one. Here's a fan vid to a recent Lazerhawk track. It features excerpts from  David Lynch's Dune, a 1984 dramatisation of Frank Herbert's novel of the same name. Hurray!

Watch Star Hustler by Lazerhawk on YouTube

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Images from the latest party - Homolicious 1986

Photos from the Homolicious '86 party I played. This was a mainstream-queer/LGBTI/'gay' '80s night, which I thought I would never survive (a five hour set laden with bolshy requests for yet more Madonna ("play it NOW!"; "can't you just play it again?"), but so much fun! Workin' it with the amazing VJ RAZORDOLL.

Most of you saucy revellers wanted loads of pop hits (cringe) from the '80s (yay!), so I dished out the best, most authentic remixes you've never heard. Remixes by the legends of '80s disco - Razormaid!, Shep Pettibone, and others. Bananarama, Cyndi Lauper and Madonna never sounded so good.  Then I threw in newer stuff - Linus Loves' The Terrace (a cover of Stevie Nicks' Stand Back) - I then whammed the original over the top of the cover. Then roughed it up with some Man 2 Man - the wild side of '80s gay - goodbye pop divas! You loved it, and I loved you. xx

And nice threads gals and guys, awesome costumes x

Now, remember to be nice to each other; the bitchy thing is better when its ironic. See ya'll soon for some more dancin'!

PS - Blonde person with colourfully striped top in the photo - who are you? You were awesome!

PPS - the woman who so sweetly requested 'Come On Eileen' because your friend Eileen was there and it was her birthday - So sorry I didn't get to play your song! Things got a little out of hand, and then I forgot  :-(     I hope you guys had a good time though.

Read Aaron and Andy's interview with me before the gig
Photos Aaron and Andy took at the gig

Photos by Al (aka Dangermouse):